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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Musical Moments


May Long

I love being at our family cabin. The fresh air, the summer memories and just getting away from the everyday is so relaxing.

We took a trip up to the lake this May long weekend, and although the weather wasn’t all that great, we still had a nice time. I am so excited for Mya to spend a lot of her summer time at the cabin, I know she will have so much fun there just like I did growing up.

Mya had her first “sink bath” at the cabin this weekend, as well as her first boat ride. Her sink bath was a hit, but it took a little time for her to get used to the boat. Luckily her daddy was there to keep her feeling safe and happy!

Mya also witnessed her first campfire thanks to her daddy. She sat for the longest time just watching the flames on Saturday evening while mommy and daddy made smores for everyone.

Hurry up summer! Mya is waiting!!

Trip to Coombs

On Tuesday, Mya, a friend and myself took a mini road trip up island to Coombs. I love the shops, market, fresh baked goods, and ice cream. Mya enjoyed people watching from her bob stroller (oh and she also like the ice cream – a lot). The rain held out until the very end which was nice and it was fun to get out of the house for a little while and spend time with an old friend.


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I love being able to experience and enjoy with Mya some of her firsts….

…her first time seeing bubbles
…her first time feeling the suns warmth
…her first time tasting new foods
…her first time watching a bug crawling across the grass

Thank you Mya, for just being you!