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Happy First Birthday Baby Girl!!

It is amazing to me that one year has come and gone just like that. My little baby isn’t so little, or even much of a baby, anymore. She is a tiny person. An amazing, little girl with so much life and spirit. We are so very thankful and blessed to have her in our lives.

We celebrated Mya’s first birthday this past weekend. It was a bit work, but well worth it. Due to our current, yet temporary, living situation (crammed into a tiny basement suite) Pat and I decided that we really didn’t have a lot of room for more toys and clothes to be added to the piles of toys and clothes already residing in our home. We announced that her party was a “no gifts necessary” party and asked that if people felt obligated to bring something for Mya, they could bring a small donation for Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada instead. I’m proud to say that we were able to donate close to $200 thanks to our generous family and friends. And now, some birthday pictures!


Time well spent

Mya was somewhat of a late crawler…she didn’t start moving until almost 11 months old. People always said things like, “your lucky, enjoy that she cant move!” and, “Just wait until she crawls, you’ll hate it”. Never happened. I LOVE that she can move freely and discover things on her own. Granted, she is a very good baby and doesn’t get into too much trouble, but even if she did I would still enjoy it. The fact she doesn’t have to depend on us to bring her things to play with and constantly entertain her is great, she can go get whatever she wants. Watching her crawl around gives me a little insight into how she thinks and what interests her. Today, a window was her best playmate. I wonder what will she discover tomorrow?


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