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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
-Dr Seuss-

Our Playroom

I thought I would share where we do most of our playing and some of the toys and activities Mya likes the best.

First is an awesome house-like book shelf that Mya’s daddy made for her. I love it so much. It allows us to keep some of her favourite toys and book low enough for her to get whenever she chooses. I usually try to rotate new toys onto the shelves every couple of weeks to keep things interesting.

Here is another shelf I use for her puzzles and some toys that she still needs help with, or needs to be supervised while using (like her marbles).
These are wooden blocks her daddy and I made from branches at my parents cabin (sanded and varnished). I like that they are natural and some still have their bark attached. They are perfect for stacking and knocking over.

These are “I spy” jars. They are filled with rice and little items are hidden throughout. We have tacks, clips, tiny ornaments, keys, dice and other interesting things inside the jars. Mya doesn’t spend too much time looking at the jars yet, maybe a couple minutes holding them up and rolling them around, but I’m hoping when she is a bit older she will be able to find certain things when I ask her to.

I bought wooden peg people from a craft store and painted them to look like a little family. They fit perfectly into a small bus that was a toy of mine from when I was a kid. Mya will play with this for a long time, just putting them in the bus and out of the bus over and over again.
I got these laminate samples from a hardware store. I picked two of each colour for matching purposes. This is a bit too advance for her right now but she still enjoys sorting through them and feeling the different textures.

She loves playing with magnets. She has finally figured out which side needs to be on the board for the magnets to stay there.

When we go for walks or to the beach we sometime collect a few outdoor items for our nature box. Usually just neat coloured rocks, twigs, small driftwood and shells. (We bought the big shells from a garage sale).

Like most small children she loves playing with pots, pans and tupperware. The other day I decided we would try putting wooden spoons into a narrow opening of a plastic jug. It seemed really simple for her but she has enjoyed repeating this task over and over. I will be looking for some new containers to make it more difficult for her soon.

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Missing pieces

Its been 5 days.

I miss my guy, and Mya misses her daddy. Things just aren’t the same without him.
5 more to go…

“The beauty of romance isn’t in an elusive forever just as the beauty of humanity isn’t in an elusive heaven. It’s in the fact that right now, at this moment, it’s me and it’s him.”
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silent saturday

Playing this week

I have started trying more Montessori themed play with Mya this week. I can tell she enjoys the challenges, and I love watching her figure things out. Here are a few of the new things we did this week…

She loved putting the marble in and out of the containers. She played with this forever!

The water was fun for her, but it wasn’t long before she just poured it all over herself. We will continue practicing pouring the water and transferring it between containers.

During our walks I usually hand her different plants and things we see. Mya isn’t walking yet so I take her in her ride on car. She has started to point out specific plants, pine cones, or rocks she wants to look at. Then, if she decides they are worthy, she stores them in her cup holder, if not, she tosses them onto the sidewalk. I love watching her decide what stays and what goes.

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Music Moment


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