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Our Christmas

We had a very wonderful Christmas this year, spent with family and friends. Despite the rush of it all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mya experience Christmas through the eyes of a toddler. I love to think of how the magic of Christmas will get more exciting every year for Mya now that she’s getting older.

This year, she still needed help opening most gifts and didn’t yet grasp the idea of Christmas, although she loved to point out “danta!!” (santa) in all the stores, books and TV commercials.

Of course our darling girl got spoiled, receiving many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. So much in fact, that I’m forced to go through her older toys and donate some just to gain some extra space in the house. And now, time for pictures!

Christmas Eve – Decoration Gingerbread, a new tradition.

Christmas morning: In the beginning, it was all a little overwhelming…

Soon, she got the hang of it all….

Cupcakes anyone?

We are looking forward to an amazing new year!

A happy and healthy 2011 to all!

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I'm an art, music, nature, love, and Montessori inspired stay at home mommy to two beautiful girls. This blog shows our day to day activities and adventures in child-lead, play based learning. Follow me on pinterest -

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