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Sensory Play: Cornstarch Goo!

Today we got messy! Fun messy. I decided to make the girls ( I watch my little cousin three days a week) some Cornstarch Goo. It was GREAT. It felt really neat, I highly recommend trying it with kids of any age. It wasn’t too hard to clean up either because it dries into a powder which is super easy to wipe up.

*Cornstarch Goo:

1 cup Cornstarch (I kept adding small amounts to change the consistency)
3/4 cup Water
Food Coloring (optional, I did not use any this time)
Cookie Tray (again optional, I just poured it on trays to contain the goo while the girls played)

Linking to Childhood 101 : We Play

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I'm an art, music, nature, love, and Montessori inspired stay at home mommy to two beautiful girls. This blog shows our day to day activities and adventures in child-lead, play based learning. Follow me on pinterest -

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  1. Fun, fun! Looked like they liked it! I especially love the second pic of Mya. I could play with this stuff all day but have yet to try it with Ty. We always called it "oobleck".

  2. Oh! Cornstarch goop – always a favourite. Good, sensory fun. Looks like your little people had fun! I'm visiting from "We play"

  3. Looks like the girls had so much fun, it really is the most unusual substance!


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