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Shaving Cream Art

The girls get really excited when they see the giant yellow table cloth come out. It means only one thing – art time! This time we tried painting with shaving cream mixed with glitter and paint. I let the girls paint on cookie trays with their fingers and paint brushes.

After the girls were done playing, we pressed construction paper onto the trays and made a puffy painting for our wall display. This was fun for them and relatively easy to clean up.


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I'm an art, music, nature, love, and Montessori inspired stay at home mommy to two beautiful girls. This blog shows our day to day activities and adventures in child-lead, play based learning. Follow me on pinterest -

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  1. You are one very brave mama!! Where did you get the aprons the girls wear? That might be the only way I would try a craft like this, lol.

  2. Glad you tried it! Looks like they had fun. :)You probably already know this and it probably almost never happens, but if kids have glitter on their hands and rub their eyes it can scratch their cornea. Just a bit of unsolicited advice just in case you didn't know. Sorry! Glad to see you back!


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