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April Activities!

I have gone through and updated some of Mya’s activity trays. Some of them were getting too simple for her so I thought I would add a higher level of difficulty to a couple. She was very excited to wake for her nap and see the Easter display all set to go complete with new activities.

A new Easter book. Its pretty great, focusing on colours and counting. I also laid out some Easter related puzzle flashcards (duck, rabbit, eggs etc)

This isn’t really a new activity, but it is a favourite of Mya’s. I did pick up a new and smaller piggybank as the old one had a tragic fall that didn’t end well.

Colour matching activity. I have her match foam flowers to the construction paper. We also try counting the flowers.

A new beading activity. Mya has pretty good fine motor skills, but found the tinier beads almost too difficult to manage, but with practice and repetition she has gotten better in just a few days.

A simple, yet fun activity. She enjoys transferring the eggs into the carton or cups. I get her to place matching colours across from each other in the carton, something she still needs help with.

Don’t be fooled by this face…she thinks she’s smiling 🙂

A happy week to all!

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I'm an art, music, nature, love, and Montessori inspired stay at home mommy to two beautiful girls. This blog shows our day to day activities and adventures in child-lead, play based learning. Follow me on pinterest -

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  1. What a lucky girl to have such a creative and fun Momma! I am getting so many wonderful ideas from your blog. What is the pink thing that you have your dowels stuck into for beading activities?

  2. thanks Becky 🙂 I used that green foam (the kind you stick flowers in) and then covered it with a piece of pink foam paper to look nicer and prevent Mya from picking at it.

  3. Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!

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  5. hi i'm ur new follower…u can find me at

  6. These are great ideas. I'm so glad I found your blog. My daughter enjoys similar activities and also has good fine motor skills. Any tips for keeping small items out of her mouth? Eva, our 15 month old, is still inclined to putting everything into her mouth. Yesterday I put a sponge water work out for the first time and sure enough she ended up sucking on the sponge.


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