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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Life with two…

I always heard how much more difficult two children are compared to one. I believed it, but now I have lived it. It is truly a whole new world. I love every second of it but it is beyond exhausting, mentally and physically. I battle constantly with guilt about simply not having enough time to spend with Mya now that Emry is here. I try my hardest to take advantage of every spare moment we have together. Slowly it is all coming together. A new routine, new ways to play, a new way of life. Mya is doing well with it too. She is very good with her baby sister despite hearing “as soon as mommy is done with Emry I will play…” a million times a day.

Now that Emry is nearly 3 months and we are settling to the new baby lifestyle I am finding ways to organize my day better so I have Emry time, Mya time, mommmy and daddy time etc. So seeing that both my little girls are quietly napping I decided to take this time to FINALLY blog…(the lunch dishes can wait).

Mya has been into dinosaurs lately. She got a very realistic T-Rex dinosaur for her birthday which she often carries around and feeds it like it’s her baby. We got some dinosaurs for her felt board so she can understand that there is many different types of dinosaurs, ones that fly like birds and some that swim like fish. (I’m still working on knowing all her dinosaurs proper names, I have about half of them mastered so far).