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Our days…March

I try so hard to keep up with blogging. I for some reason really struggle with finding the time (and energy?) to update this as often as I would like. I just don’t get how some moms do it. How can you possibly write a post EVERY day? Or even every week for that matter…What is the secret? How do you muster up the energy to write an intelligent and interesting post after a day of children and errands and cleaning and laundry and cooking and more cleaning?? Even right now I can think of at least 10 others things I should/could be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy writing posts, I just sometimes struggle in justifying its importance over other things that need to get done. But I guess it is important because I enjoy it, and because I get so much out of other “mom blogs” that I feel obligated to give back and share as well….so I will continue to post, whenever I have time.

So, here we are in March….Our weather for the most part is unpredictable and often unpleasant (just yesterday we had 97 km winds making it actually unsafe to go outdoors). We do attempt to go outside at least once a day despite the crazy wind/snow/hail/rain that tries to keep us inside.


Our walk to the local coffee shop this past weekend


I love how much the girls love to be outside. There is just something calming about a walk in the sunshine or even in the rain.


Inside, we have lots of new things going on. Mya is still all about writing and learning letters. I keep out an alphabet tracing white board to encourage her and she always has access to her art shelf so she spends a lot of her time drawing and writing.




Here is an update on some of our current activity trays..

Sorting by color (dark and light)




Making Shapes


Polishing Pennies


Stickers (working on patterns, shapes and letters) – Note: I bought inexpensive canvas from the dollar store. The stickers come off very easily allowing Mya to re-do this activity over and over without going through a lot of paper.


Light Box play – Sifting



Current theme on our felt board for stories is Dinosaurs


Sensory Bin – Cloud dough ( 4 cups flour to 1/2 cup baby oil)


For Emry, who still isn’t crawling (but is close!!), I have added some mirrors to her play corner. Right now she loves anything that makes sounds. For example, she loves to bang things together or smash things on the floor and is thrilled by the different noises she creates. I put together some “mini shakers” which are small containers (lids are securely glued on) filled with different things such as rice, beans, noodles, lentils etc. I wanted them to make different sounds and are a variety of size and color. Also, the containers stack on top of each other as Mya often proudly shows Emry (and then of course they are promptly knocked over at which time a fight ensues).




The girls are getting along better and better, they bath together and have stories read to them together. Nothing makes my day more than seeing my two girls interacting with each other and playing side by side. It truly is a special bond they are forming and it melts my heart.


Some photos from the past few weeks…







Emry’s Post

Emry is soon to be 8 months old. She is changing fast and her curiosity and capacity to learn new things is never-ending. She isn’t a “high maintenance” baby by any means, but she does know what she likes and has no problem letting us now (usually she lets out a high pitched scream then stares you down which gets her point across nicely). I cycle her toys daily to keep her interested and she does best when there is only a few things to play with rather than a large selection. She is working hard on mastering the pick up of small items and is starting to study things more closely now compared to previous months when things just automatically headed for her mouth (although this is still most objects final destination).

Emry has a baby corner dedicated just to her things. I have a small mat laid out for her to sit on, although if Mya sees it she promptly rolls it up and puts it away somewhere – got to love Montessori kids! Permanent objects in Emry’s corner are a basket of books, a discovery basket or “treasure box” with items that are changed up frequently. Then I switch up between stacking blocks and cups, assorted balls, a small box filled with different fabrics, teething objects and noise making toys.


I occasionally move her mat to her room and allow her to play in there as well. Her room is set up for when she is mobile, anything in her reach will be safe items for her to discover.




One of her favorite things to play with are these small balls that make a rattle sound. I placed them in a wood bowl which allows them to roll and spin when she touches them. She likes to grab them and shake them like crazy.





Discovery baskets, or treasure boxes, usually have normal household objects in them for the baby to investigate…things like measuring spoons, hair brushes, and other baby safe items. I switch Emry’s items up often and currently I have many of her teething toys in there right now as she its working on her bottom teeth and loves to chew.




Emry does play well on her own for a small amount of time, maybe up to 20 minutes, but she enjoys the company of her sister and for the most wants to be wherever Mya is. I love watching the girls relationship develop and grow. Its truly magical the way Emry’s eyes light up when she sees her sister.

Playing happily by herself..




Playing alongside her big sister..



Simple yet fun

There are plenty of easy inexpensive ways to create engaging and valuable activites and toys for young children. Some of Mya and Emry’s favorite toys are things we created at home.

Now that Emry is almost 7 months, she is ready for simple open-ended play and activites that promote curiosity and encourage motor skills.

Using an empty wipes container and loose fabric squares you can easily create a great activity for young babies. Emry played with this for a long time, working on grabbing and pulling and was intrigued with the different colors and patterns.




Mya has been really enjoying practical life and sensory activities lately. I put together a classic bean pouring tray but added a magnifying glass to allow her to view the assorted beans more closely. She found this quite fun at first but after a few minutes returned to simply pouring and playing with the beans with her hands.





One of the best and easiest open-ended activities you can make is playdough. There are a million great homemade playdough recipes you can find online. I use one that doesn’t have to be kept in the fridge so it is easier for Mya to get to.



Playdough mats are a great addition to playing with playdough. If you have a laminator (which are fairly cheap and make a great tool for creating activites at home) you can print playdough mats online free, laminate them, and use them as a learning tool when playing with playdough.