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Our days…March

I try so hard to keep up with blogging. I for some reason really struggle with finding the time (and energy?) to update this as often as I would like. I just don’t get how some moms do it. How can you possibly write a post EVERY day? Or even every week for that matter…What is the secret? How do you muster up the energy to write an intelligent and interesting post after a day of children and errands and cleaning and laundry and cooking and more cleaning?? Even right now I can think of at least 10 others things I should/could be doing. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy writing posts, I just sometimes struggle in justifying its importance over other things that need to get done. But I guess it is important because I enjoy it, and because I get so much out of other “mom blogs” that I feel obligated to give back and share as well….so I will continue to post, whenever I have time.

So, here we are in March….Our weather for the most part is unpredictable and often unpleasant (just yesterday we had 97 km winds making it actually unsafe to go outdoors). We do attempt to go outside at least once a day despite the crazy wind/snow/hail/rain that tries to keep us inside.


Our walk to the local coffee shop this past weekend


I love how much the girls love to be outside. There is just something calming about a walk in the sunshine or even in the rain.


Inside, we have lots of new things going on. Mya is still all about writing and learning letters. I keep out an alphabet tracing white board to encourage her and she always has access to her art shelf so she spends a lot of her time drawing and writing.




Here is an update on some of our current activity trays..

Sorting by color (dark and light)




Making Shapes


Polishing Pennies


Stickers (working on patterns, shapes and letters) – Note: I bought inexpensive canvas from the dollar store. The stickers come off very easily allowing Mya to re-do this activity over and over without going through a lot of paper.


Light Box play – Sifting



Current theme on our felt board for stories is Dinosaurs


Sensory Bin – Cloud dough ( 4 cups flour to 1/2 cup baby oil)


For Emry, who still isn’t crawling (but is close!!), I have added some mirrors to her play corner. Right now she loves anything that makes sounds. For example, she loves to bang things together or smash things on the floor and is thrilled by the different noises she creates. I put together some “mini shakers” which are small containers (lids are securely glued on) filled with different things such as rice, beans, noodles, lentils etc. I wanted them to make different sounds and are a variety of size and color. Also, the containers stack on top of each other as Mya often proudly shows Emry (and then of course they are promptly knocked over at which time a fight ensues).




The girls are getting along better and better, they bath together and have stories read to them together. Nothing makes my day more than seeing my two girls interacting with each other and playing side by side. It truly is a special bond they are forming and it melts my heart.


Some photos from the past few weeks…







Baby, it’s cold outside!

The weather hasn’t been ideal for outside play lately. We are expecting a snow dump and it has been too cold to play outside longer then 20 minutes or so which means mommy has to find a lot of fun things to do inside.

The girls love being wherever I am in the house. Mya will play independently for up to an hour but Emry is good on her own only about a quarter of that time, so mostly I have a couple of girls wanting to be involved with whatever I am doing constantly. Although this can sometimes be tiring, frustrating, and make getting things done tougher, it truly is a good thing. Its important for them and important for me to spend this time, to slow down, and just be in the moment with my girls.


I try to have activities set up for Mya for when she wakes up in the morning and after her nap. She often is excited to try whatever I have ready for her and then usually goes back to playing with her favorite activities we have available to her all the time like coloring, puzzles and reading.

I saw this fun idea on Pinterest, and left it up for a few days as Mya enjoyed it a lot. It took her awhile to adjust to swinging the ball from different angles to knock all the blocks over. She couldn’t wait play this with her daddy as soon as he was home from work.






We had some quiet time by playing with our transfer and pouring activity. I set up a bowl of salt and provided a cup and spoon and let her use it as she wished.



We also tried painting with spices which was neat. Mya enjoyed learning the different names of the spices and of course the different smells.




I love that Mya will go off and read to herself. She doesn’t want to be interrupted when she does this. She just likes to sit and “read” to herself. Sometimes she wants you to sit with her and read your own book. She does this at least once a day.


Emry and Mya have some playtime together too. Emry loves any amount of attention Mya gives her but but with both being so young they don’t really play together that often. Here is a nice moment where Mya decided to give Emry an “alphabet bath”. I let the girls play alone for sometime then joined them and Mya and I took turns taking out letters and making their sounds.



Butterfly Gardens

A few weekends ago we made a day trip down island to beautiful Victoria. We decided to take Mya to Butterfly Gardens and it was ten times more enjoyable than imagined. She loved wandering the garden surrounded by fountains and exotic plans watching in awe as birds and butterflies swooped by us and giant Koi fish filled the ponds.

It was a peaceful and enjoyable experience for us all. Mya stared in wonderment at the flamingos, and gazed into the ponds for long periods of time at the large fish swimming by. We will surely be going again soon.

Busy busy busy and a baby!

I try to post twice weekly or at least once a week on my blog but lately I have been really struggling to find the time (and possibly the energy). I am currently 21 weeks along with our second baby and we found out yesterday we will be blessed yet again with a little girl! We are very excited! So bare with me as I try to find the time to blog and keep everything updated. Also, we are getting prepared to move into our first house so there is many things happening all at once but I will do my best! For now, here are some pictures from the past week or so…

OH! And I would also like to mention the blog name change. Sugar and Spice seemed appropriate seeing it will be a houseful of girls (and of course daddy). Enjoy your week everyone 🙂

On the mend…

Some days I have ideas and activities all planned out to do with Mya. And some days are a free for all, allowing Mya a chance to rely a little more on herself for entertainment. Both types of days are good and important in their own ways I think. We have been fighting a flu bug so it has been a little quiet around here lately. I’m more than lucky to have a pleasant little girl who is for the most part happy enough to play quietly while mommy tries to get better. Thanks Mya 🙂

Our Christmas

We had a very wonderful Christmas this year, spent with family and friends. Despite the rush of it all, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mya experience Christmas through the eyes of a toddler. I love to think of how the magic of Christmas will get more exciting every year for Mya now that she’s getting older.

This year, she still needed help opening most gifts and didn’t yet grasp the idea of Christmas, although she loved to point out “danta!!” (santa) in all the stores, books and TV commercials.

Of course our darling girl got spoiled, receiving many beautiful and thoughtful gifts. So much in fact, that I’m forced to go through her older toys and donate some just to gain some extra space in the house. And now, time for pictures!

Christmas Eve – Decoration Gingerbread, a new tradition.

Christmas morning: In the beginning, it was all a little overwhelming…

Soon, she got the hang of it all….

Cupcakes anyone?

We are looking forward to an amazing new year!

A happy and healthy 2011 to all!

A Christmas Baking Tradition

Every year my Mom, Aunt, some friends and I get together to bake Christmas goodies in honor of my Grandma, who was a wonderful baker and loved Christmas. We play our favourite Christmas music (Boney M anyone??) and spend the day visiting and creating delicious treats like shortbread, tarts, brownies, sugar cookies, peanut butter marshmallow squares, ginger snaps and chocolate nutcho’s. Its a beautiful and fun tradition that I can’t wait for Mya to be able to help and understand how special the day is. Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy this wonderful time with your favourite people.