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Our first Snowfall

We woke up early one morning to a beautiful surprise. A blanket of snow had fallen gracefully upon our yard. Now, I’m calling this Mya’s first snowfall because last year we barely got an inch of snow and Mya was much too young to notice.

Mya enjoyed looking at the snow from inside more than anything. She did manage to put up with about 30 mins of outside time in the cold while we built her a snowman, but she refused to take even one step while standing in it. Maybe next year it will be more of a hit….


A walk in the park

I’m proud to announce that Mya is finally walking! It’s so great! I think she enjoys exploring her world in a slightly different manner now being upright. We took her to the park on Sunday, she wasn’t interested in anything but walking around and picking up leafs or pieces of bark on the way, and much to her delight, discovering puddles…

November starts

I love November. I love that Christmas is just around the corner and the excitement is building. I love that we can still wander outside and enjoy the crisp cold air the fall brings us. I love getting warm and cozy on stormy November evenings. Happy November everyone!