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Welcome February!

I remember setting up Mya’s Valentines Day stuff up last year like it was yesterday. Its too weird how fast time flies. To see what we did last year click here.

This year, we are in a different house and with Mya being a whole year older we are able to expand on our activities, especially in the craft department!

I updated our sensory bin with pink and purple rice (directions) and added everything pink, red, or heart shaped (erasers, cardboard cut-outs, felt shapes, pompom balls etc.). Also, to aid in open-ended play there is buckets, spoons and other tools to help explore the bin. The sensory bin is always a hit with Mya.


We decorated the play-area with our cards and crafts from last year, and added the felt garland on the mantle.




The top shelf trays were all dedicated to creating Valentines. This set up allows Mya to independently create her own Valentines complete with glue, glitter, stamps, tape and stickers. She loved this and spent most of today making her own Valentines to give to her family.



The bottom shelf had a variety of Valentines Day themed activities…

Cardboard heart to weave


Matching light and dark


Color Sorting


Styrofoam heart “poking”




In our lightbox I added gel hearts that look really neat in the bright light. They make some fun sticky play Mya really enjoyed playing with.


I had a bunch of pretend rose petals from last year I wanted to do something with so last minute I created this counting activity the surprisingly Mya really enjoyed and played with for quite sometime today.




Another fave is our contact paper activity. It’s a work in progress but looks really cute on the window next to our dyed coffee filter hearts.




Our Valentines books


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Happy February everyone 🙂


October fun

Happy October everyone! I love this month, so Mya and I got started right away on fun fall and Hallowe’enish activities!

I introduced leaf rubbings to Mya, it took her awhile to get the hang of how to properly hold the crayon, but she enjoyed the activity anyways. After, I cut them out and Mya helped me decorate our mantle for fall.

Mya’s leafs

Mya woke from her nap yesterday afternoon to discover a creepy spider web had taken over her felt board….much to her delight of course 🙂

Mya loves playing with her daddy’s flashlight so this was a big hit for her. She can turn it on and off on her own as well as use the interchangeable covers that display Hallowe’en images onto the wall. This is probably her favorite thing right now.

We use these cute little guys to practice sorting. The chest, wood pieces and the pumpkins all came from the dollar store and cost around $8 total.

A really neat book that has scratch and sniff pictures. You can smell apples, pumpkins, cookies and even a skunk.

Like most toddlers, Mya is a sticker addict. I got her to place the little pumpkins into the smaller circles and the big pumpkins into the larger ones. She did this for awhile, then started placing them in random spots.

Tinfoil and Sharpies drawing

Mya had been getting bored of her sensory bin so I changed it up a little and made a spooning/pouring activity for her. She preferred the scoop over the spoon as it pours more at a time but she did play with both.

Hope everyone is having fun playing and has a great October!

April Activities!

I have gone through and updated some of Mya’s activity trays. Some of them were getting too simple for her so I thought I would add a higher level of difficulty to a couple. She was very excited to wake for her nap and see the Easter display all set to go complete with new activities.

A new Easter book. Its pretty great, focusing on colours and counting. I also laid out some Easter related puzzle flashcards (duck, rabbit, eggs etc)

This isn’t really a new activity, but it is a favourite of Mya’s. I did pick up a new and smaller piggybank as the old one had a tragic fall that didn’t end well.

Colour matching activity. I have her match foam flowers to the construction paper. We also try counting the flowers.

A new beading activity. Mya has pretty good fine motor skills, but found the tinier beads almost too difficult to manage, but with practice and repetition she has gotten better in just a few days.

A simple, yet fun activity. She enjoys transferring the eggs into the carton or cups. I get her to place matching colours across from each other in the carton, something she still needs help with.

Don’t be fooled by this face…she thinks she’s smiling 🙂

A happy week to all!

Seasonal Display

A quick look at our December/Christmas seasonal display…

Stackable boxes with beads, ribbons, and cookie cutters in them.

Some favourite Christmas stories. We also have a few from the library.

Ornaments that Mya can play with or hang up on her tree.

Mya’s tree to decorate. This helps her to leave the real tree alone. She can hang her own ornaments and decorate with the coloured pom pom balls.

A spinning picture display. I filled it with Christmas cards and left one spot for her to display her colouring.

The Seasonal Display area 🙂

Merry Christmas 🙂