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October fun

Happy October everyone! I love this month, so Mya and I got started right away on fun fall and Hallowe’enish activities!

I introduced leaf rubbings to Mya, it took her awhile to get the hang of how to properly hold the crayon, but she enjoyed the activity anyways. After, I cut them out and Mya helped me decorate our mantle for fall.

Mya’s leafs

Mya woke from her nap yesterday afternoon to discover a creepy spider web had taken over her felt board….much to her delight of course 🙂

Mya loves playing with her daddy’s flashlight so this was a big hit for her. She can turn it on and off on her own as well as use the interchangeable covers that display Hallowe’en images onto the wall. This is probably her favorite thing right now.

We use these cute little guys to practice sorting. The chest, wood pieces and the pumpkins all came from the dollar store and cost around $8 total.

A really neat book that has scratch and sniff pictures. You can smell apples, pumpkins, cookies and even a skunk.

Like most toddlers, Mya is a sticker addict. I got her to place the little pumpkins into the smaller circles and the big pumpkins into the larger ones. She did this for awhile, then started placing them in random spots.

Tinfoil and Sharpies drawing

Mya had been getting bored of her sensory bin so I changed it up a little and made a spooning/pouring activity for her. She preferred the scoop over the spoon as it pours more at a time but she did play with both.

Hope everyone is having fun playing and has a great October!

On our bookshelf…

Mya has just realized recently how much she loves books. Of course she loves us to read the same book over and over but I try to introduce news ones to her often (mostly for our own sanity). Here is what we have been reading lately.

Nothing better than a couple of classics. Mya doesn’t sit still long enough for these two stories yet but they are mommy’s favourites from when she was little so we try anyways 🙂

This is Mya’s favourite. It was one of the first books we read to her and she has always liked it the best.

Sandra Boynton books are fun to read and cute. Mya loves when her daddy reads these to her because he makes funny voices.

Here are the newest additions to our shelf. A couple of Hallowe’en storiest to celebrate the season. Mya has a serious Elmo addiction so her Nana got her the last one.