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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Homemade Stickers

Mya LOVES to play with stickers, she also loves to colour. So, after seeing this, I decided it was the perfect craft for Mya….

I used painters tape in case some stickers decided to live on the walls, they could be removed easily with no damage to the paint. I cut a variety of size and stuck them onto wax paper and VIOLA – stickers ready to be decorated!


Toilet Paper Roll Octopus!

The weather has been hit and miss lately. Its nice to finally see hints of summer, but for the most part it is still too rainy/windy/cold to play outside very long. So we have been spending our time doing arts and crafts and other fun activities ideal for toddlers to pass the time until we can spend our days outdoors in the sun.

Toilet Paper Roll Octupus

We practiced counting them…

Finding our colours…

….and of course stacking!

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Spring has sprung!

Our seasonal display has turned into a beautiful spring garden!

We made flowers to “plant” in our pots. We decided no garden was complete with out some bee’s, ladybugs, and butterflies!

Both girls enjoy arranging their own gardens and pretending to water them.

We decorated our windows with butterflies and bugs, and made a waldorf star for some added colour when sun shines in.

Welcome Spring!

Butterfly Gardens

A few weekends ago we made a day trip down island to beautiful Victoria. We decided to take Mya to Butterfly Gardens and it was ten times more enjoyable than imagined. She loved wandering the garden surrounded by fountains and exotic plans watching in awe as birds and butterflies swooped by us and giant Koi fish filled the ponds.

It was a peaceful and enjoyable experience for us all. Mya stared in wonderment at the flamingos, and gazed into the ponds for long periods of time at the large fish swimming by. We will surely be going again soon.

Shaving Cream Art

The girls get really excited when they see the giant yellow table cloth come out. It means only one thing – art time! This time we tried painting with shaving cream mixed with glitter and paint. I let the girls paint on cookie trays with their fingers and paint brushes.

After the girls were done playing, we pressed construction paper onto the trays and made a puffy painting for our wall display. This was fun for them and relatively easy to clean up.

Practical Life : Window Washing

Mya loves to help out. She is very good at putting her clean dishes from the dishwasher into her drawer, and can clean up her toys by herself (sometimes on her own, sometimes when prompted). She likes to help wipe up spills and will try to clean her own face and hands.

We recently tried window washing using our toddler cleaning tray, she loved it of course as it gave her a chance to play with water. According to Montessori, window washing prepares fine-motor muscles, is a sensorial excercise, as well as a practical life work.

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